Rebuilding Recaptured

Rebuilding Recaptured is a socially engaged project where 18 artists, writers and researchers from Bangladesh, Finland, India and Nepal gathered together to a workshop for developing artistic means to participate in the country´s rebuilding work after Nepal´s 2015 earthquakes.

The workshop consisted of two parts. The first part took place in Nexus Culture Nepal Art Space in Kathmandu comprising site visits, lectures, artist talks and workshops focusing on developing artistic rebuilding methods and collaboration between the workshop participants. The second part of the workshop concentrated on community based projects conducted with dalit communities in Sipapokhare village in Sindupalchowk, the worst-affected district of the Nepal´s 2015 earthquakes, and with youths in Bungamati, Lalitpur.

By working with youth-, mother-, children- and teacher groups the workshop artists implemented community based projects focusing on re-imagining post-earthquake community and finding new directions for the future.  Among others the workshop outcomes varied from a mapping project where Sipapokhare residents re-envisioned future for their post-earthquake village, to more practical works, where school students invented sound proofing system from local materials for their temporary post-earthquake tin shelter school.

Woork info

Coordinators: Ashmina Ranjit (South Asia, Nepal), Narayan Rokka (Sipapokhare), JP Kaljonen (Finland); Production: Lasanaa / Nexus (NP) and University of Arts Helsinki / Academy of Fine Arts (FI) in collaboration with Porapara Space for Artists (BD); Artists: Abhishekh Shah (NP), Abu Naser Robii (BD), Amritah Sen (IN), Deepti Sherchan (NP), Hemmo Siponen (FI), Hira Bijuli Nepali (NP), Kunjan Tamang (NP), Keshab Raj Khanal (NP), Malashree Suvedi (NP), Moona Pennanen (FI), Muna bhadel (NP), Muna Gurung (NP), Prakash Ranjit (NP), Rabin Maharjan (NP), Rabita Kisi (NP), Shrawan Maharjan (NP), Yajyu Manandhar (NP); Socially engaged project, Nepal 2017.