Border Around Abandoned Church

The convergence of conservative Christians and right-wing populists in Europe has been much debated in recent years. The phenomenon has been most prominent in Poland and Hungary. Christianity has also appeared in the rhetoric of right-wing populists in several secularized Western European countries. In France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland, for example, it has been typical for populists pursuing tough border policies to stereotype Muslim migrants into a one group of people that threatens European Christian values ​​and civilization. Christianity is thus used, in addition to religion, as a secular identity and culture to distinguish Europeans from outsiders.

In the installation, Herttoniemi Church, which has been closed due to indoor air problems, is surrounded by EU border signs. In the work, the church left by the congregation and the surrounding EU border are juxtaposed with political movements dressed in the clothes of Christianity and their threat constructing policies in Europe.

Work info

JP Kaljonen, Border Around Abandoned Church, public installation, Finland 2020