Tribuna 12 Helsinki

Tribunal 12 Helsinki Is a pop-up art event that gathered together artists, NGO´s and citizens interested in migration. The event dealt with Europe´s moral, legal and political responsibility of people, who have escaped inside it´s territory. The event was organised as part of TRIBUNAL 12  at Kulturhuset and Sergel´s Square in Stockholm on 12th of May 2012 that took a stand on human rights violations against refugees, migrants and asylum seekers inside Europe.

Tribunal 12 Helsinki took place at Iso Roobertinkatu 4 in Helsinki, where the audience had possibility to watch the trial in Stockholm live stream. In addition to streaming the event consisted of talks held by different NGO´s, video screenings, a dance performance and an art exhibition.’

Work info

JP Kaljonen & Johanna Raekallio (organisers), Riikka Kuoppala (communication). Artists: Kalle Hamm, Dzamil Kamanger, Anna Knappe, Pekka Niskanen, Suvi Nurmi, Johanna Raekallio and Kristiina Tuura, JP Kaljonen, educator Jari Kivistö, comic artist Ville Tietäväinen, photographer Katja Tähjä, actor Jussi Lehtonen, dancer Nina Hyvärinen, musician Mikko Perkola, journalist Kaisa Viita and Media Culture Association M-cult. NGO´s: Finnish Pen, Writers´and Artists´Association Kiila, The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum, Finnish Refugee Council, Seta – LGBT Rights in Finland and Free Movement Network, Tribunal 12 Helsinki, Pop-up art event, Isoroobertinkatu 4, Helsinki, Finland 2012.