Floating Peers

Floating Peers – International Social Practice Workshop is a project where 37 artists from Bangladesh, Finland, Japan, Nepal and South Korea gathered together for peer learning process and to implement socially engaged projects with Laldiarchor slum inhabitants. The aim of the project is to develop artistic means to enhance quality of life of the slum inhabitants, to provide public exposure to the issues related to the place, and to promote socially engaged art practices in the field of Bangladeshi culture through collaborative fieldwork, artist talks, seminars, and open studio exhibition.

The inhabitants of the slum live illegally in a land of Chittagong port authority located near the conjunction of Karnafully and the Bay of Bengal. They lost their own lands during the establishment of the Chattogram Airport and the Military Air Force base. A large number of the inhabitants also lost their homes during different natural disasters and arrived in the area from the southern parts of Bangladesh.

Among other projects, the works concluded during the workshop included a plan and on-site model of 750 meters long snake sculpture, which protects the slum from rainy season floods (Chikahiro Hanamura and work group), bicycles invented for conditions and needs of local tea vendors (Kalle Hamm); an alternative housing fair developed for improving the quality of housing in the slum (Aranya Sharma and Mong Mong Shay) and 11 other art projects focused on usability for the Lalianchor residents.

Work info

Coordinators: JP Kaljonen & Abu Naser Robii (production: Artists´Association Muu & Porapara Space for Artists), artists: Anna Knappe, A.K.M.Ariful Islam, Alaptagin Tushar, Azizul Quadir, Aranya Sharma, Buddho Dev Mondal, Chang Wan Wee, Chikahiro Hanamura, Farah Naz Moon, Farhana Preya, Hossain Mahmood Rocky, Joydev Roaja, Jublee Dewan, Kalle Hamm, Masaki Morishima, Maruf Adnan, Mishuk Ehsan, Meherun Akter, Milton Anwar, Mong Mong shay, NHM Abu Bakar, Partho Protim Saha, Rita Leppiniemi, Sanjeev Maharjan, Sarita Dongol, Shaila Jinnat Runi, So Young, Santanu Mondal, Shipon Ali PK, Suchayan Paul, Sultana Nashrin, Sumit Chakraborty, Sreekanta Acharjee, Syeda Neegar Banu, Yan Hee Choi, Yongsung Behck, Zihan Karim, socially engaged project, Bangladesh 2013.