JP Kaljonen is a visual artist working in the field of socially engaged arts. His works vary from public art works, creative workshops and video works to community based cultural and arts events. Kaljonen´s social art practice is dialogical, processual and action based. His works centres on creating conditions where the communities he works with can explore their concerns and respond to them using artistic and activist methods.

Kaljonen´s recent socially engaged projects include Border Around Abandoned Church Helsinki, Finalnd 2020; Puhos Loves People festival and -Art Space Helsinki, Finland 2017-ongoing; Behind the Blackboard Helsinki Finland, Chittagong Bangladesh, Bungamati and Sipaopkhare Nepal 2015-2017;  Rebuilding Recaptured, Kathmandu and Sipapokhare, Nepal 2017; Down-low at the Nuclear Plant, Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant Accommodation Village, Rauma, Finland 2014; Floating Peers – International Scial Practice Workshop at Chittagong, Bangladesh 2013; Dublin2 Stockholm & Helsinki at Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden 2012 and Lasipalatsi Square, Helsinki, Finland 2011. Among other places his works have been exhibited in Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Kisma Theater´s URB  festivals; Backlight Photo festival; Kunsthalle Helsinki; Rauma Art Museum; Muu Gallery; Draakoni Gallery; Huuto Gallery and Helsinki City Art Museum´s Kluuvi Gallery.

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