Dublin 2

Dublin2 is an engaged art project dealing with the European Union asylum policy. The project was organised at the Sergel´s Square in Stockholm, Sweden and Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki Finland.

In the project European Union asylum policies are dealt through an experimental and illustrational live action role-play, where the passers-by were invited to participate as well. The players took on the roles of border guards, officials and asylum seekers who come to Europe from various countries and often have to face the reality from smugglers to grey market and paperlessness.

The game portrayed the movement of asylum seekers between the EU countries and made visible the asylum procedures in different member states of the European Union. The role characters were based on the real life stories of asylum seekers and interviews of border guards.

The events of the games concentrated on the Stockholm´s Sergel´s Square and the Helsinki´s Lasipalatsi Square which for one weekend were staged as large refugee camps. From the squares the game spread also to offices and institutions staged nearby the squares. The game lasted around the clock and during nights a video footage related to the game´s topics were screened on the walls of the buildings next to the squares. Together with the live action role-players NGO´s working with migrants, theatre actors, a lawyer, a migration office case worker and other actors from journalists to politicians participated the games.