Puhos Loves People

Puhos Loves People is socially engaged project situated to Puhos Mall, a spontaneously developed meeting place of diverse communities. The project´s background lies on the late 2016 published news of Helsinki City´s attempts to demolish the mall, The news raised concerns among the mall´s users who were afraid of losing their livelihoods and meeting place. To respond the situation a cultural festival Puhos Loves People was initiated together with the mall´s users.

The first production of the festival was organised in August 2017 and aimed to strengthen the communication between the local communities and to increase positive visibility of the Puhos mall. In 2018-2019 the festival programme was diversified and further developed by inviting various communities in the production of the festival.In 2020 the festival was postponed to a later date due to Coronavirus.

As a part of the project an art space was opened in the mall in 2019. The Puhos Loves People Art Space hosts regular art and cultural workshops and projects for the local and other Eastern Helsinki based communities. The art space functions all year round providing art and cultural activities to people between the festivals.