Floating Peers

Floating Peers – International Social Practice Workshop is a project promoting social art practices in Bangladesh involving 37 artists from Bangladesh, Finland, Japan, Nepal and South Korea. The project was organised in Chittagong, southern Bangladesh.

In the project Bangladeshi artists and experts gathered together with international artists for three weeks peer learning process to work with Laldiarchor slum inhabitants in order to develop artistic means to involve and empower the slum inhabitants, to enhance their quality of life and to give public exposure to the situation of the Gucchagram slum.

Among other things, the workshop gave start for a 750 meters long snake sculpture, which protects villages of the area from rainy season floods (Chikahiro Hanamura and work group); bicycles invented for conditions and needs of tea vendors who hardly earn enough for daily living (Kalle Hamm); an alternative housing fair developed for improving the quality of housing in the slum (Aranya Sharma and Mong Mong Shay) and 11 other art projects focused on usefulness and social dynamic of art.