Bijoygram is a documentary video- and photo installation portraying a community based art project realised in the Chittagong City, Southern Bangladesh. In the project artists JP Kaljonen (FI) and Abu Naser Robii (BD) develops an annual cultural festival, which aims to connect and deepen interaction between the inhabitants of the middle class Bijoy Nogor neighborhood and nearby Gucchagram slum. The slum is inhabited by landless people and environmental refugees from the Southern parts of Bangladesh. Even the neighborhoods are located next to each other vast social differences keep the inhabitants of the two areas segregated, preventing them to develop the area together.

The artwork has been realised in the Floating Peers 2013 project coordinated by Kaljonen and Robii. In the project 37 artists from different countries made socially engaged art projects together with the Gucchagram slum inhabitants.

Bijoygram video 

JP Kaljonen and Abu Naser Robii, Bijoygram, Socially engaged art project / Video- and photo installation: video 10:00 min 16:9, Photo: pigment ink print 200 x 40 cm, Bangladesh, 2013.